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Why You Need a Plumber in Lalor Park

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Plumbing issues have a way of cropping up when you least expect them to- you might be in a rush getting ready to head out for work and suddenly you may find that the water is backing up in the bathroom sink. Maybe you are getting dinner fixed and you find the same happening with the kitchen sink too. Though using a plunger might help in situations such as these, it is typically a stop gap measure and these water backups could be an indication of a more severe problem like a root blockage in the drain.

Different types of plumbing jobs

Regardless of how small or big the plumbing issue, its bet to tackle it without delay.  If you delay attending to the problem, it will only escalate and result in more hassles and expenses down the line. The one way to avoid these problems is to opt for preventive plumbing maintenance from an expert plumber in Lalor Park, like Unique H2O.

As part of these services, we check all the plumbing fittings and installations and ensure they are in working order- this reduces the chances of sudden problems cropping up. We have been in this space for a number of years and in this time have handled all types of plumbing jobs such as:

  • Burst pipes & leaky faucets
  • Pipe location & repair
  • Hot water systems installation & repairs
  • Shower installation/replacements/repair
  • Real-estate plumbing
  • Faulty cisterns
  • Laundry/kitchen/bathroom area plumbing
  • Overflowing showers
  • Strata plumbing services
  • Low water pressure
  • Sewer backup
  • Drain blocks
  • Cracked toilet bowl repair/replacement
  • No water in taps
  • Clogged sinks & leak detection
  • Clearing tree roots in sewer
  • All types of plumbing maintenance & repairs

Very simply, we are the plumber in Lalor Park that can handle it all. While we are highly focused on providing our customers very high grade solutions, we are also very focused  on maintaining very low pricing- this gives our customers value for money every time they choose to hire our services. There are a number of reasons why customers prefer to hire us as their plumber in Lalor Park:

  • Prompt and reliable services
  • Professional and friendly personnel
  • Highly experienced contractor
  • Personalised attention & customised solutions
  • Best materials used
  • Insured & licensed plumber in Lalor Park
  • Workmanship is guaranteed
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 services
  • Serve residential &  commercial customers

Plumber in Lalor Park – High grade, customised services

We also have a large number of repeat customers who opt for our services, every time they want any plumbing upgrades or are getting any bathroom or kitchen renovation work done.  We serve commercial and residential customers and provide effective, reasonably-priced solutions. For more information and a free quote, call Unique H2O at this number- 0403-112-012. You can send us your queries via this online form  too.  You are assured of a prompt response and quick services. Keep our number handy and call us for standard plumbing jobs or emergency plumbing requirements.

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