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hotwater-2hotwater1An efficient hot water system is a fundamental need in an Australian household. When it breaks down, it can bring your whole life to a halt. A faulty hot water system is the last thing anybody would want, as being left without hot water can be a nightmare. So, whether you need to repair a defective heat pump, install a new hot water system, or maintain it, you can contact the hot water experts at UniqueH2o. Right from the supply and installation, to repairs and maintenance, our team of hot water system professionals are ready to help you.

Why should you choose UniqueH2o?

Generating hot water can account for up to a quarter of a household’s energy usage. So, it is important to get a hot water system that will suit your needs. With many years of experience in hot water installations and hot water system repairs, UniqueH2o has built a reputation for excellence across the industry. Our fully qualified, licensed hot water specialists come fully equipped. This includes the skill, expertise, experience, tools and spare parts to carry out any repair or replacement as needed. After all, we are one of the most dependable hot water experts in Sydney.

Hot water systems

Hot water systems are one of the biggest expenses in a household. Higher energy consumption and the constant increase in energy prices have necessitated the installation of a more efficient and energy saving hot water system in many households across Sydney.

The right hot water system could be:

  • A low consumption electric hot water system
  • A low emission solar hot water system
  • A high-efficiency gas hot water system

We will help you choose the right hot water system for you

The hot water experts at UniqueH2o can help you understand the options and advantages in choosing a more cost effective hot water system. Our skilled hot water experts are proficient with all kinds of hot water systems. They can assist you in deciding whether you need to repair your current system or replace it. If you need to replace the system, we can advise you on the best replacement option. If you decide on a full hot water system replacement and need a licensed and fully accredited plumber, UniqueH2o is the best provider you can opt for. We can customise an installation package to suit your budget. We offer competitive prices and pride ourselves on being able to offer the very best solution to your hot water problems, any time of the day or night.

Hot water experts

All our technicians are extensively trained to handle any kind of emergencies. They have vast experience to ensure quick solutions for your hot water emergencies. Our mobile vans have all types of tools, thermostats, and spare parts to suit most brands of hot water systems. We guarantee a same day hot water system replacement service in Sydney. With our hot water service repair specialists working for you, you will get your hot water running in no time.

When you choose UniqueH2o, we guarantee:

  • Competitive prices
  • Domestic gas and electrical hot water systems from industry-leading brands
  • Excellent star rating on all units installed
  • Significant reductions on power costs and carbon emissions
  • Same day service on emergency work
  • Comprehensive hot water service checkups
  • Expert internal or external unit installations
  • 24*7 emergency services

We are the hot water experts you can rely on in case of emergencies related to hot water systems in Sydney. For an honest professional assistance with all your hot water repairs, call us today on 0403-112-012. Our hot water experts can advise on the best solutions to all your hot water system needs.